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Jason Blaiklock


Jason Blaiklock has developed a deep respect for the positive change that the Bible can bring through brutal first hand experience. In his early 20's Jason went through a period of intense drug addiction and alcoholism that left him homeless and destitute and broke his mind and spirit. It took many long years to crawl back in to society. In 2020 Jason went to Bible college and had his life completely transformed. Within a few short years Jason was a multimillion dollar real estate agent breaking sales records and achieving and incredible position of the £1 agent in Australia. Jason knows first hand that depths of brokeness that can occur from making bad decisions and not dealing with the real issues, and the health, fullness and life that comes from the right life choices. With this mindset Jason took on the project of editing together what is possibly the worlds longest "mashup" and certainly the worlds first word-for-word movie Bible book. This has been a great adventure and is totally unique. This is effectively a "storyboard" the production of word-for-word Bible movies. With a long history of financial and cultural success these movies present an enormous opportunity to see these books revitalised for a digital audience.