Our Story

How it all started...

Reading the bible can be hard work! We are all “time poor” and at the end of a long day would prefer to flick on a movie than get into a bible study. The Bible Movie App faithfully transforms the pages of the bible into a movie in a word-for-word format. This allows you to “watch” the bible like you would “watch” the news. It is relaxing and entertaining while being educational and spiritual.

A picture tells a thousand words and bringing the bible to life as a movie allows these precious stories to jump off the screen and devices and straight into hearts!

The key to the success of this project (and it’s unique point of difference) is that it is a faithful “word-for-word” application of the text to movie format. The finished product will contain over 80 hours of movie footage covering all 66 “books” of the bible. This is a task very few of us would ever think of taking on (and probably why this project has never been undertaken). Yet we have not only started to climb this mountain, we are nearly at the top!

The Bible Movie App is a labour of Love. Over a 12 month period we spent about 2000 hours editing movies on final cut pro to create the world's first word-for word Bible movie app. Footage was sourced from the four corners of the globe, different periods in history, languages and genres in fact, over 10,000 movies, public domain clips, stock footage clips and original content was edited together and, using public domain audio recordings from Libravox and a subscription based app the files were carefully edited to allow timing variance for audio translations.

Audio translations were achieved by altering the audio and video +/- 10% to allow for differences in timing. Since launch the app has been downloaded over 130,000 times and had over 5 million  views. 

Expanding the vision...

You must know the spiritual value of the bible.  You’ve probably seen it change lives for the better, taking people from any and every circumstance and problem and helping them find real-life solutions.  Well we are simply wrapping this incredible resource into a user-friendly tool, to have wherever you go on any type of smart device, whenever and wherever you need some inspiration.  
For others, it means that reading the bible just went 2-D and that laborious study just became entertaining learning; and others for the first time will understand the cultural and traditional aspects of the bible like never before.

Where we are headed...

Imagine being able to experience the bible as a Movie, word-for-word! Imaging being able to send a scripture through facebook as a film-clip as the Apostle Paul gives a message, or Jesus delivers a sermon. Imagine being able to share the story of Moses or King David as a movie with all the thrill and excitement of Movie images. There is so much scope to faithfully develop word-for-word Bible movies. This is an exciting new genre and we look forward to seeing how others start to further develop word-for-word Bible movies in the future. Our goal is to tackle the smaller 'one-actor' books while producing short and feature film books as budgets allow.