Titus is the first original production of the "Letters of Paul" with James Belfrage as Paul and kindly sponsored by LeHigh Ministries


The incredibly gifted Neil Modra has learnt the complete book of Ecclesiastes off by heart. This video is a visual storyboard that captures this dialogue in one sitting and provides the basis for what will become a more fully developed production of this amazing book! 


This is a scrren test, shot in 4 hours with a Samsung S10 on a tripod and an iPad with the script on a teleprompter app. Edited the same day and uploaded to Vimeo this is a very basic example of what anyone can do with equipment that is accessible to anyone! 

The Prophet Job

Filmed in Sydney Australia - Become a Fan on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Bible.Movie.... Why do bad things happen to good people? Watch as the words of the Bible come to life like you have never seen before in this 'word-for'word version of The Book of Job - Translated into a Bible Movie. (/ˈdʒoʊb/; Hebrew: אִיוֹב Iyob) is one of the Writings (Ketuvim) of the Hebrew Bible.  It is great ancient poetry of its time.  The book of Job addresses the theme of God's justice in the face of human suffering and is the first of the poetical books in Christian Bible, found in the Old Testament.


Beautiful original word-for-word Psalms with original music by Russ Ixer and cinematography by Chris Tangey